Type and Definition:

CD 4212 2

            Battery quantity

        Design No.

                          Battery charger used on boat ship



Red Lamp: alarm

The red lamp will light up if it is open circuit, polarity reversed, short circuit, and there will be no output.

  Yellow Lamp: Charging

The unit will charge automatically if the voltage of battery is below 1.3V.

  Green lamp: Full-charged

The unit will stop charge automatically if the voltage of the battery is charged to 14.4V.


  Supply voltage:               42V/AC  50/60HZ

  Fully charged voltage:        14.4V/DC

  Complementary voltage:        13.3V/DC

  Charging current:             5A ( 2 pieces of battery)

  Dimensions L×W×H:                     243×134×80 (mm)

  Weight:                       5 kgs

  Protection grade:             IP56

  Temperature:                  -25℃~55℃


Using Method:

  Connect in proper order: first, connect the battery, and then connect the power source: 42C/AC


Trouble analysis:



Trouble shooting

The unit can not charge the battery with the yellow lamp flashing after connection with the power source

The battery is aging

Change the battery

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